Finding Love on the Hills

The hills are alive with the sound of music ... and love!

Since the dawn of financial independence and online dating, we have discovered the power of not settling down for a relationship that doesn't make us quite happy.

If living with a certain person, lowers our quality of life, then we have the option of moving on and looking elsewhere until we find the right fit. We bid farewell to the person with whom things didn't fit right and wish them the best hoping they also find their other half.

Meanwhile, you find yourself back on dating apps, flirting in bars, or praying that the love of your life will knock down your front door rescuing you from another night of Netflix and no chill.

How about instead of any of that, you take a different action, go out into nature, reconnect with what is most real and see what happens?

Our trips are attended mostly by single people looking to make new friends who also love the outdoors. They hop on our minibus because they want to hike a mountain or visit a new place they have never visited, but their friends and loved ones don't believe that walking for 6 hours over muddy hills, under rain or sunshine is any fun.

So far we have had a few relationships start during our trips which are still going on, plus a marriage and family come out of our trips.

There is a power, a special bond, in a relationship built around a love for an activity as wholesome as hiking in the outdoors. It is as if Mother Nature herself blesses your union every time you both choose to spend time with her rather than another day in the city.

See you on the hills!