Hiking Nation is a nation of hikers and explorers who enjoy taking it easy.


Citizens of Hiking Nation are called Mudafacas.


Mudafaca is an ancient word that means "One With Mud"*. Mudafacas also and have a good sense of humour


We hike to meet new people and to enjoy the views, instead of rushing to the end. Bring snacks and maybe a flask with something special and let's have a nice day out together.

On our trips, you are likely to see some of the same citizens again and again, and we believe that is a strong testimony of how much you will like our trips.

We have easy day hikes with little inclination, and also long day hikes with steep hills.

Weekend mountain trips, and more relaxed weekends away.

We don't have a ton of trips on our site as we emphasize quality over quantity :-)

*There is a good chance made that up


Here we are!

All of us have a strong passion for the outdoors and in watching people's delight on the views and experiences we get to show them.

Do you think you would make an awesome hiking leader? Drop us a line on hr@hikingnation.co.uk

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